Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wild Ginger

I was able to go to Wild Ginger, the restaurant in Soho, NY, and the meal was heavenly. I enjoyed the ever so delicious Malaysian Curry Stew and a tasty fresh salad with yummy ginger dressing. A glass of Chardonnay completed the divine meal. My daughter loved it too!

I was just on the Pritikin Longevity Center website that has a perspective page that advocates a diet of only 10 percent oil. I am aiming for that but for me, it isn't that easy eliminating too much olive oil, as I loved going to Carrabbas
and eating a lot of the seasoned olive oil and bread. However, I am forcing myself to change. At Carrabbas the other day I requested a margurita pizza without the cheese and I only put a little of the herbs from the olive oil on the pizza. That is quite a change! It's not so bad having a pizza without cheese, especially at Carrabbas. Not as good - but worth it, and you can get used to anything. Besides the cheese gives the stomach a bad feeling afterward, and without it, you feel free and light! Love that!

Pritikin also had an article on whole grains and how that can make your stomach flatter than by eating white breads. Oh, that has to be the next step for me! Eliminate all white flour and only use whole grains. My downfall is pretzels, but I will look for the whole grain ones from now on.

Being vegan is a great road to be on. Until next time, Bonnie

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