Sunday, July 27, 2008

Flax Seed and B12

One thing I learned at Summerfest (from Jeff Novick) is that most people do not get enough omega 3 in their diet and that the ratio between omega 3 and omega 6 oils is way out of wack. The remedy for this for vegans is to eat flax seed. Lately I purchased some crushed flax seed and I put a tablespoon on my cereal each morning. At first I didn't like it all that well, but now, one week later, I am okay with eating it.

This is an exciting time for doing what is best for the body and making the best decisions. I am also taking a B12 each day, dissolving it under the tongue. Those two things - B12 and flax seeds, are important for vegans to take. B12 is only found in meat, since today's soil is so depleted. Without B12 one could develop nerve problems.

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful summer and the yummy summer berries and healthy fresh air. How lovely it is to be outdoors, enjoying the beauty of the sky this time of year.

Until next time, let me know if you are a new vegan and we can encourage each other. Bonnie


Eric said...

Hi there! This is Eric, you sent a friend request to me on facebook.

Great blog! B12 really is very important. Omegas as well.

I love flax seeds but I read that they must be chewed/broken up to get their benefits. Sea vegetables are also great sources of omegas but I'm still working on developing a taste.

Isn't it a bummer that our soil is so fouled now that we can't get B12 from it the way we once were able to?

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youngbon said...

Hi Eric! I added your delightful blog to my blog list. All the entries are so interesting!

Karene said...

I love getting my B12 in nutritional yeast... both my son and I are addicted to it on out scrambled tofu!

youngbon said...

Karene, I will have to try nutritional yest, as I haven't yet.