Saturday, July 19, 2008

New York Visit

I am soon going to New York to visit my mother-in-law in Queens and we will be seeing a lot of our Chinese relatives (hubby is Chinese) and we will go out to a restaurant together. I am a bit apprehensive, because often when I go there is not much to eat. It's funny - you would think - that there would be a lot, but we often go to a Dim Sum restaurant, and all they serve, basically, is greasy meat dishes. There is one dish that has veggies, but sometimes there is a shrimp in the middle of it. Often my stomach hurts in New York, usually because of too much oil in the dishes. The wait staff are usually very ethnic, so you can't say to them "little or no oil."

Oh well, maybe I will put some oatmeal bars in my purse. It will be worth it to see the relatives.

Sometimes, on the way, we stop in Soho and we eat at a terrific, quaint and inexpensive restaurant, Wild Ginger. In the windows, they have dried weeds and rocks encased in glass and it is really artistic. You could read about the restaurant in the 2008 "The Vegan Guide to New York City," written by Rynn Berry and Chris Abreu-Suzuki. I recently met Rynn Berry at the Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, PA. My sister and I sat with him for lunch. It's really neat how, at the summerfest, people just sit with "strangers" and get to know them. Loved that! We sat with several authors at the event.

Well, got to go. Here is a link to The Vegan Guide to New York City:

Until next time, Bonnie

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