Thursday, June 5, 2008

a meeting with nothing substantial to eat

I went to a meeting today, and for lunch they had a lot of wraps with meat and cheese, but for a vegan there was a banana, strawberries and a cabbage salad. They also had chips, which I did not take.

Then later, in the car, I was so hungry that I ate a sweet snack bar that had way too much sugar in it.

I really have to learn to pack my lunch, because it gets a little ridiculous when I go to meetings arranged by meat eaters.

Boo, hoo, I am feeling sorry for myself today.

So I made up for it by going to a Mexican restaurant this evening with my daughter in law and having a yummy bean burrito and a margarita!


Karene said...

When I went to a quilting retreat last March I brought quite a few provisions with me to make sure that I could improve on what I expected them to serve up for meals.. the Saturday night dinner had women looking longingly at my salad which I had vamped up with a beautiful avocado and some raw pumpkin seeds and some fresh lemon slices etc., and it was neat how they were asking questions about my veganism. I think that if you make it look really good you get people thinking :-)

youngbon said...

That's terrific, Karene!

TLC said...

I just found your blog today. I'm a long time vegan (and quilter!) and am so weary of trying to eat a healthy diet at restaurants or catered events. I'm the only vegan I know and am looking online for support. I went to a Summerfest many years ago and have been vegan ever since.

Eating out is easier than it used to be, but I'm frustrated that I'm still such a minority - when is the rest of the world going to want to eat healthier? I'm hoping the new "green" movement will raise awareness about the effects of eating animal ingredients.

Thanks for your blog - it's just what I needed today! :o)

youngbon said...

TLC - I'm so glad you found my blog! It is frustrating at times to find vegan food at restaurants! Sometimes lately I ask for a lot of changes in a menu item, such as asking for no cheese, etc., but you can't do that in every restaurant. Sometimes they prepare things ahead and they can't make a change.

I love to go to ethnic restaurants, such as Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican, and Indian, where there is always something to eat on the menu.

Do you live in PA, TLC? (I wonder how far you drove to get to Summerfest.)