Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First day of the blog

Hi! I was a vegetarian for 8 years but now, for the last three months, I have decided to become a vegan. I don't know anyone my age who is a vegan, so I decided to create a blog for the purpose of encouraging other baby boomers to become a vegan or to relate to other older adults (kind of hate that term) who are already vegans.

Why become a vegan? Oh, there are so many reasons. Have you read the book "The China Study?" Or have you read the book "Diet for a New America?" The former will convince you to become a vegan for health reasons, and the latter will convince you to become a vegan for reasons of the cute little critters.

I love being a vegan! I am so excited about it!

However, sometimes it is a drag -- like when I was traveling the PA turnpike the other day and at two rest stops there is nothing for a vegan to eat except for a wilted salad! Sometimes in PA people don't know vegans exist -- but that is only my opinion! Of course it is my experience too.

Thank goodness for Taco Bell and Subway!

Well, enough for now. I am tired from a long trip doing a workshop on library programs in Clarion. Talk to you soon!

Best wishes to becoming a vegan! Let me know how it goes for you. Youngbon


Karene said...

It's taken a few trips for me to figure out what I should be bringing with me when I go on the road and one of them is a resealable bag of raw sugar which I can have in my soy lattes and morning oatmeal. I've also taken to having little containers of raw almonds or a mix of dried fruit and nuts. I've also tried to arm myself with information so I know where to go in a big city for something safe to eat :-) I think blogs are great for sharing this information :-)

youngbon said...

I've really got to get more prepared, Karene!