Sunday, December 14, 2008

Needs in Life

Maria Rose wrote in her interesting blog, "Little Things are Big"
what she really needs in life. Her needs listed in the December 12 post are:

1. Food, water shelter
2. Healthy relationships
3. Creative output

Nothing else! How about that! Now I would totally agree with that - but I think meaningful work would have to be added to my list. However, you might say that meaningful work and creative output are the same thing. In that case, creative output would absolutely suffice!

All of this simplifying and organizing I am doing lately would also fall into the creative output category. It's not exactly fun work, (and not exactly creative) but will be so satisfying and such a joy when it it done.

Of course, under the food, water and shelter category, "healthy" could also be included as a good descriptor.

Then again, I would want to add art, books, poetry and beautiful visual aesthetics. Oh dear, my needs are not that simple.

Enjoy the day dear friends, and some simple, delicious vegan food!


Maria Rose said...

It is interesting to think about isn't it? Sometimes it seems like my life is filled with needs, but I find that my "needs" are often wants. Even my health to some degree is not an need, but rather a want. I spent several years dealing with a medical condition and I was glad to move beyond it, but I never actually needed it to be gone. Weird to think about!

youngbon said...

Very interesting to think about, indeed, Maria Rose. Yes, it is probably true that some of our "needs" are actually wants.

I just read in a book that in America, for example, we have to have all kinds of knives -- a knife for everything - for paring, for chopping, etc. But in Bali they have one knife - for everything. They just learn how to use it for everything. When I read that I thought about my kitchen utensil drawer and how much I could get rid of.

That's interesting about even to think about healing a medical condition could be a "want." Something to think about!

Thanks for your great blog, Maria Rose!

Maria Rose said...

Funny that you should mention knives! I just rid myself of knives. I now have three instead of 15!

youngbon said...

That is funny, Maria Rose! Maybe I should follow your example :)

Brandi said...

Just stopping by to say I hope you had a good holiday and happy new year!