Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Easy Diet Dinners

Here is my new idea for a great diet dinner. Buy cans of Amy's Kitchen soups or veggie chili and heat them up. Serve this with a salad with only balsamic vinegar - no oil.

Here is the very best vinegar, in my opinion - Oliver's 25-year barrel-aged balsamic vinegar, purchased at Williams Sonoma. All you need is some salt and pepper. The vinegar is very sweet and mellow.

Amy's Kitchen soups often have only 1.5 grams of fat per serving, or something like that. I usually eat the whole can rather than one-half a can, so I am eating two servings.

Now you can afford to have some wine with that and maybe a slice of bread toasted in the panini baker. If one could stay on that diet for a while, you will lose weight.

My problem is that I get side-tracked with too much hummus sometimes!

Oh well, I hope you are staying on the vegan path, my friends! Take care, Bonnie


Karene said...

Do you have 'Eat,Drink, and Be Vegan' by Dreena Burton?? She has a whole chapter on Hummus and, in my opinion, they are lower in fat than other recipes and packed with flavour!!

youngbon said...

Hi Karene,

Thanks for the suggestion. I do not have that book, but it sounds good. On the other hand, I seem to collect cookbooks and never use them!

The most delicious hummus that I love is from Costco, and it has jalepeno (how do you spell that, anyway?) peppers in it. Yum, yum!